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Concrete Supplier Basildon, our ready mix concrete calculator will help you work out the amount of concrete needed. Here we understand that each pour is different, so why not use our concrete calculator and work out the measurements to ensure that you have enough concrete. 

Our ready mix concrete mixers delivery the exact amount of concrete needed every time.

Exact Mix Concrete Calculator

Find out the amount you need below:

Please use our ready mix concrete calculator to estimate the amount of concrete needed for your project. Sometimes the ground is not always equal and understand that not every pour can be estimated perfectly. This is where we can help. Below, please use our concrete calculator to help estimate the amount required. Even if you over estimate on the amount, do not worry because at the end you will only ever pay the exact amount used. Plus, there is no waste and mixes can be changed on site. If you are still unsure about the amount needed, our helpful team are waiting for your call – 01268 590777.

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Same/Next Day Delivery, Delivering across Basildon, Chlemsford, Southend Essex

Ready Mixed Concrete

Exact Mix Concrete offers Same / Next Day Delivery. Our BSI Standard concrete is delivered directly to your location at the time that is most convenient for you.

Exact Mix Basildon

Concrete Pump

Our pumping services comes with 2 trained operatives and are able to pump the concrete to your desired location.

Exact Mix Concrete


This lightweight, easy to use mix is ideal for pipelines and levelling floors.

Ready Mix Concrete Supplier Basildon, Chelmsford, Southend, Essex


Here we are screed specialists, with our skilled team ready to help create a finished smooth surface.

Concrete Supplier


We now supply Lytag, this lightweight concrete mix is perfect for foundations.

Concrete Blocks

Concrete Blocks

Adaptable, easy to build blocks are great for building walls.

Concrete Tailored To You, For You And Straight To Your Door.

Here at Exact Mix, we specialist in mixing concrete for all your domestic and commercial needs. We deliver quality prime grade concrete, specialising in on site mixed concrete throughout Essex and the South East.

Feel free to also collect ready mix concrete from us, if you are unable to book a delivery or need concrete ASAP come in and collect. We have a mixer available in the yard 24/7.

Opening Times for collections: 7am – 4pm.

High Quality Stuff

Concrete Supplier Essex - Ready Mixed Specialists

Other operators decide to re use materials in their concrete – not Exact Mix Volumetric Specialists.

At Exact Mix we take pride on the quality of the materials used in our ready mix concrete. As we only provide the best for our customers.

Never Over Or Under Order Again!!!

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