Longfloor Integracure is the latest innovation in liquid cement flowing screed!

Longfloor Liquid Cement Screed

Liquid floor screed, also known as flow screed is an alternative to traditional sand and cement based screed and is an essential flooring component that is laid on top of concrete or underfloor heating and provides a smooth, sturdy and level surface area as a base for the final floor covering. With its free-flowing consistency, liquid floor screed achieves a flawless finish underneath ceramic tiles, linoleums, vinyl and all types of wooden and carpet floors while offering adequate support to endure traffic. Operating from our Basildon depot in Essex, we supply liquid screed to Southend, Basildon, Chelmsford, including the rest of Essex and the East of England.

Liquid screed finished floor

Why Longfloor Liquid screed?


walkable in no time

Longfloor Integracure can be foot trafficked after only 24 - 48 hours

Fast drying

Drys in 1/3 of the time of traditional sand and cement screed and other flowing screeds and is capable of having final finishes applied as early as 21 days after installation

Ready for installation

Doesn’t require sanding before final finishes are installed

Our values

Only pay for what you use, no part load charges and no waste!